From Past Trip Participants


“I still find myself incapable of fully understanding and explaining how our time together in Jordan and Israel has forever changed me. There are constantly times when I smile during devotions or a message at church simply because God loved me enough to allow me to see in person what we are reading about. The other day, as I was nearing the end of a daily devotional working through the Life of Jesus, I was moved to tears while reading about the crucifixion. Scripture has become so rich and I often feel that when I am reading it, it is as intimate as someone letting me read their journal. It’s not simply history or facts anymore, it is a story of love for me, for you, for all that God wrote down over the years and is sharing with me. As I wiped away the tears last week while reading Scripture, I though to email you and share that with you.”


“I wish I had this opportunity 20 years earlier.  I have come back with a renewed passion to read and study God’s word, an incredible desire to know and follow after Jesus, and even more of a passion to share Christ with those who don’t know him yet!”


“My mind has been drawn over and over and over again to the moments when we were sitting in the shepherd’s cave. That day and that moment was one of the most memorable for me on that trip (among many!). I can’t think about that location or try to describe it to anyone without tears coming to my eyes because it was such a profound moment. His Presence was so evident and I sensed the Spirit speaking so clearly… This is a picture I’ll never forget. I’m so grateful for the opportunity you provided for me (and so many others) to be able to experience Israel/Jordan. It has literally changed my life! Thank you!”


“I have had never experienced such implementation and correlation of the Text than when it was taught to me by you! Thank you! It has been so humbling and so rewarding to be able to visually see the places we are studying, and to have a better understanding of the context of Scripture and especially the Jewish roots of our faith.”


“Carol and I had an amazing experience and its been said numerous times by both of us that it was the trip of a lifetime.  Of course, there have been many thoughts, conversations and questions that are being asked, but that’s the beauty of “Struggling with God” and living into the name of Israel.”


“To be totally transparent…this really isn’t a trip.  From the moment you step into the airport to board the plane, you are on a JOURNEY.   A JOURNEY that continues on past the ancient gates and stones or the bricks that King David walked upon.  It continues on past the desert places and the city walls.  It moves past walking on the soil where Jesus trod.  I am moved to ask, “How can I love God with all of my heart, all my soul, all of mind, and all my strength, and love my neighbor as myself?”  And because of those questions, the journey hasn’t ended.  Sure, the 17 days on the itinerary have come and gone, but God has moved me to press on towards him and invite others to join Him in bringing HIS Kingdom to earth.”


“Our Taste the Honey trip with Wyn was amazing and challenging–physically and spiritually. Now that we are home, we wish to tell our friends and family about our experience. However, it is impossible to describe the trip adequately with words. It was not a trip of traditional shrines that tour groups usually visit, so a summary of the places we visited just does not capture what it was about. We spent much of our time climbing mountains, hills, and tels, crawling into and walking through caves and cisterns, and hiking up wadis–with meaningful Scripture teaching and applications throughout each day. It was a truly awesome trip which I highly recommend to those who wish to grow in their understanding of the Word of God in context.”


“I prayed that this trip would make the Bible more understandable and real to me. God definitely answered that prayer. I know it will continue to bear much fruit in my life. When I used to read the Bible it was almost like some parts were in a foreign language. Now when I read it, it seems less foreign and more familiar to me. The experience of being able to walk a lot of the places where Jesus walked, tripping over some of the same worn paving stones in the cities that have been excavated, really gives me a whole new mental picture of the Bible. Walking where He taught His disciples and did miracles gives me a whole new perspective on His Word. And learning more about the culture of that day has helped me to understand more of what I am reading in the Bible — things that I used to just skim over and not understand. Thank you for making this trip the blessing that it was. It has definitely changed my life.”


“Some aspects of the Israel Jordan trip were fairly difficult for me, but the blessings that I received were worth every bit of the struggle. Now when I open up God’s Word, it’s as if I can walk into the pages… the words have a new depth and texture. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity, and I look forward to reading the entire Bible in light of what I learned and experienced.”

Jenn & Micah

“We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for us on the Israel trip. It was a dream come true to see the Holy Land, and we’re so thankful that you were our guide. We can’t imagine a better introduction to Israel and Jordan. We benefited greatly from your thoughtful planning of all the logistics and your careful preparations of the teachings. Thanks for setting the tone so that we could experience this trip as not just another sight-seeing tour, but as a powerful encounter with God. We are so grateful to have been blessed in such a life-changing way.”


“Experiencing Israel and Jordan on an “extreme” tour is definitely challenging, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It’s the only way to truly experience the land and the sites and to fully get an understanding of them. I found that I only had a very small window of understanding of things in the Bible that I thought I already understood. It will rock your life and spark in you a new passion and love for the word of God, for following after Jesus, and for the Holy Land and the people who live there.”


“I loved this trip!! It literally brought the Bible to life. Every time I read the Bible now I read it with so much more understanding; it is so much more meaningful to me now. This trip changed my life!”


“It is hard to put into words the impact this trip has had on us.  The Scriptures have literally come to life!   Experiencing the context in which the Scriptures were written is refreshing, mind blowing, and humbling all at the same time.  I have had so many dots connected, and as I read Scripture now, I have pictures and impressions that will forever be etched in my mind and heart.”


“I had never realized how uncommitted and passionless I was about God’s Word. I got to see what it really means to be a disciple who will ‘love the Text, live the Text, and die the Text’. God showed me so much, and He worked in my heart like never before.”


“It will be years before the full impact of my “Taste the Honey” journey to Israel and Jordan will be realized – the experience inspired me to be constantly diligent in the search for God’s guidance in my life. There were also immediate results – the Old (First) Testament became vividly alive and I came to a better understanding of its place as the roots of Christianity. Wyn was a superb leader/teacher. Carol was a delightful help in making sure everyone was comfortable and able to accomplish the physically challenging (to us more ‘mature’ members of the group) aspects of the tour. It truly was a trip of a lifetime!”


“Wyn, I cannot thank you enough for all the work you put into this trip.  I have the Shema on my IPOD and have listened to it several times last week.  This trip has inspired to “turn up” the heat on my life as a disciple.  At this time, I am unable to express all this trip has done for my spiritual life. At times, the long arduous, scorching hot trek up the steep mountain slope or the path through the narrow long dark tunnel seemed physically impossible for me. However, when I finally reached the top of the mountain or the end of the tunnel, the physical stress had cleared my heart of all worldly thoughts; and, I was ready, like never before, to immerse myself with the Holy Spirit’s power and God’s Word. Wow, thanks for equipping me with this holy experience and the intense desire to keep on growing as His disciple.”


“I want to thank you for an incredible trip.  I cannot imagine how much time you put into the trip for a group of people you did not even know.  I am so thankful for the opportunity you gave us to go to Israel and experience the Bible in a way that would not be possible here in the US.  This trip made such a lasting impact on my life, and it was so encouraging for me to see how much the two of you cared for each one of us.  That was a perfect example of how you love others as yourself.  I cannot thank you enough for all you did for our group.”


“The trip was the greatest thing I have ever done to help my spiritual walk. We lived out the Bible days as though they were in present time. Not only did I walk where Jesus walked but the teachings at those site made me know beyond the shadow of doubt that the word of God is true. There was an amazing breeze – the breath of God – at every mountain top, and it left me in awe of how much God cares for us and he chooses to refresh us in his special ways. Now that I’ve found the Words of God, in a sense like King Josiah did, I need to run with it — all over the world! The people on the trip were like God’s angels to me. We all prayed each other thru situations and difficulties, and saw that God’s hands were at every corner of this trip. I loved the trip and would recommend it to everyone. Just do it – go to Israel & Jordan!”


“Just like a picture can never fully capture the grandeur of the object so my words of recommendation on how you should take the extreme hiking trip with Wyn Laidig cannot explain how it has affected me. My first impression is that the hiking was more physical than I anticipated. So if you go make sure you feel comfortable walking 30 minutes at 10 degree grade at 3.5 mph. When you experience walking in the desert for 3 days or climbing Mount Nebo where Moses saw the promise land the words that you read in the bible take on a fuller meaning. For example when we were in the desert our water we carried was 100 degrees. You did not want to drink even though you were thirsty. Then when you came to En Gedi where the water burst out of a rock at 58 degrees you have a real meaning of what God was saying about living water that satisfies. Be prepared to get up at 6am and go until 8pm. The day goes very fast and the knowledge Wyn has and imparts on you is awesome and plentiful. I want to add that after a week home I have forgotten the physical part and when I study Scripture the words are alive. So do not let some of the stretching of your body and mind stop you from having an experience you will not forget. Go for the Taste of Honey”.


“This trip was unbelievable. I went with one thing in mind, but it turned out that God had different plans for me. In the Galilee we studied the disciples and how  Jesus picked them. They were plain, ordinary young men that were not significant in their society. He used them to change the world. This hit me like it never did before. I have read the ‘follow me and I will make you fishers of men’ stories all my life. I knew that the disciples were not the ‘best of the best’ or the ‘All Stars of the team’. But somehow standing on the shore of the Galilee at Tabgha harbor right where this all happened, God said to me, ‘I don’t want your talents, knowledge or money, I want your heart, ALL of it. You need to give everything and follow me. Then you can be my disciple.’ So, I will forever be changed!”


“There’s just something about experiencing God in the land that He intended for us. At the top of the mountain, when all of your physical energy is gone and you feel like you have nothing left to give, He meets you there and sustains you – in the same way and in the same places that He met Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! I learned that there is so much more to God than we could ever hope to learn. This trip really ignited me to study everything I can get my hands on, especially about the Jewish roots of our Christian faith – it’s life-changing! It was an absolutely incredible experience and I’d go back right this minute if I could!”


“It’s taken me a few weeks to process what I experienced on the trip and to begin to understand what it will mean to me. The trip was like drinking from a fire hose for 12 days straight. Amazing places, sights, and especially experiencing the scriptures in the context of the land, the language and the culture where it took place. And every day an incredible surprise that could not have been imagined. I will never read the Bible the same again! The trip has given me a hunger for the word and to know God and to walk with him as never before! Thank you for leading the way in putting these trips together. Thank you for the excellent, awesome, fantastic way in which you execute them. Thank you for the amazing teaching. And thank you for sharing your passion for the word and the Lord with all of us!”