Memorize The Sermon on the Mount

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Scriptures at Dead SeaThese trips are offered as a ministry.  We don’t want limited finances to stand in the way of anyone receiving such a life-changing opportunity.  To keep your costs as low as possible, Wyn personally pays the full amount of the trip cost for himself on each trip he leads. In addition, Wyn and his wife, Carol, have established a foundation to provide scholarships to enable as many people as possible to participate. 

Here’s how it works: The scholarship amount is based upon need, but YOU determine the need.  We ask that each applicant prayerfully consider what they are able to contribute toward the cost of the trip.  The balance would then be provided through the scholarship. Remember that scholarship funds are limited, so we ask each applicant to contribute as much as they are able.

You will need to fill out the scholarship application, which ends with this statement of commitment: “After prayerful consideration, I am willing to contribute $_______ toward the cost of this study trip. If scholarship funds are provided for the balance, I will commit to going on the trip.”

You then “earn” the scholarship by memorizing Matthew 5-7.  You can memorize in any version you choose, one chapter at a time.  But please don’t memorize verse numbers or section headings – just the Word itself.  You will need to quote your chapters, one at a time, to a staff member of your church, mission, or school in order to verify your memorization. Most people who think they “can’t memorize” will be surprised to learn that they really can.  And everyone who has done it has been blessed beyond expectation! Once you are notified that your scholarship has been accepted, if you have not already done so, it is important that you register online as soon as possible to secure your position on the trip. Fill out the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION here.