Or shall we call it "hunting"?
This is NOT a shopping trip.  Our focus will be on God and His Word in the context of the Promised Land.  I have found the most cherished souvenir is often a stone collected from a site that was especially meaningful. I have a shelf in my study with a lot of stones, each marked with their location, as a personal reminder of God’s lessons to me.
That being said, I will try to arrange one or two very brief opportunities for what I calls “hunting” expeditions. “Hunting” is buying, but it happens too fast for you to really call it shopping. You’ll have an opportunity to look for something to purchase, but as soon as you see it, you need to “pull the trigJohnnys_in_Bethlhemger.”  So, there will be time to buy a few things, but because of the pace, you really won’t feel you’ve had a chance to “shop.” Remember, it’s not a shopping trip.  You can do that with any old standard tourist group! My advice: Forget the trinkets and go for the stones!